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12-04-13, 13:57
how have any of you coped being pregnant suffering from anxiety. How do you tell the difference between pregnancy and anxiety symptoms? Any help and advice appreciated x

14-04-13, 12:57
Hi Bab,
I have no insights, but very interested in others experiences. My husband and I are trying for a baby at the moment x

15-04-13, 18:28
I think you just have to take each symptom as it comes chick. There are so many different symptoms of pregnancy, even my 2 pregnancies were TOTALLY different. Have you joined a birth board? I joined one and it is for people due in the same month. This may help as you all chat to each other and should be experiencing similar things at the same time (so you can ask other ladies if what you are worried about seems 'normal'). I found it to be an amazing support network and am still in close contact with a lot of the ladies nearly a year on.

Actually, I just had a look and they also have a closed group for mums who may have issues with depression or anxiety:


I hope this helps, and CONGRATULATIONS. Lxx

15-04-13, 22:11
thanks so much xx