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21-06-04, 15:42

Im a great beliver in natural healing. i use alot of homeopathic remedies,and so do my family for all sorts of aliments not just panic etc.and they are very successful.
ive just started taking the Passiflora Complex, made by Bioforce. im taking 15drops in water morning and night.. it takes a few days to get into the system as far as im aware and im only on day 3.
if any 1 else has tried this id be grateful of there opinions.

Darren- the essences your taking, i saw those in the health food shop and thought id try those too.just to calm me down,or maybe it will relax me so i dont get so wound up! i like the one called Male Essence! hehe
My brother takes the child essence,hes only 7,to help him wind down and sleep better.
And i also use rock rose and rescue remedy every day. they just take the edge off the fear i think.
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21-06-04, 15:56
The passiflora complex is excellent .