View Full Version : olanzapine and alcahol

20-04-13, 15:43
Quick one..can i have 1 pint on 2.5 mg of olanzepine..

20-04-13, 16:09
NHS advice is this:

"Once people are used to taking medication, they can sometimes drink alcohol in small amounts without any harm. Avoid alcohol altogether for the first one or two months. After this, if you want a drink, try a glass of your normal drink and see how you feel. If this doesn’t make you feel drowsy, then it is probably OK to drink small amounts"

20-04-13, 16:10
Hi i take 5mg of olanzapine and have had the odd drink on them x x

20-04-13, 17:46
Thanks guys..i was only thinking of a pint..just one..so im sure ill be good with that..thanks for your imput

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Nicola..do you take 5mg at night.or 2.5 daytime and the other night..do you feel it helps with sleep

20-04-13, 20:26
Hi i take 2.5mg in the morning and 2.5mg at night, when i first started it i took 5mg at night and for about a week it knocked me clean out for the night but now it doesn't cause me any drowsiness but has been excellent for my anxiety and panic x x

30-06-13, 16:58
Hi I take 20mg Olanzapine at night and have been for about a year and although it says do not drink alcohol I don't have a problem with a couple of glasses of wine in the evening.

30-06-13, 17:03
Yes...go on have a pint..only one though :D I hope you are having a good day Greg, I am pleased you have managed to get out and about today :)