View Full Version : Help needed,propranolol + pregnant (best to get signed off work full term?)

22-04-13, 20:39

i am on propranolol and i am 6 weeks pregnant. I have been advised to stop taking it (80mg slow release) i take it for anxiety. So far i have stopped for 6 days and i have had anxiey problems return. I am making a fool of myself at work cos im having panic attacks when i have to speak to someone or give imput at meetings etc. its constant and i really dont wont to go to work anymore cos i cant hide my anxiety anymore.

i am so close to putting the pill in my mouth and it would solve everything but i dont want to harm my baby.

please can anyone share their experiences or give advise.

i can feel my career going down the pan cos im not holding it together at work. I know i could get signed off but can you for the full term?? and how do you explain this without p*ssing off employer?


little scientist
23-04-13, 09:01
Hi Lulu84,

firstly, your employer can do one if they get pissed off - they cannot discipline you if you have time off for mental health, or treat you any differently because you are pregnant.

As for being signed off, maybe a short period of rest would help you - have you seen your GP about other medications that could help you during your pregnancy? or to get referred for therapy? If you get referred to thinks like "yoga for pregnancy" your employer has to give you time off for it, this may help you relax.

Do you have any kind of mentor at work that you can confide in? Or an occupational health department?

25-04-13, 07:30
Hi LuLu. How are you doing? Hope you the feeling a little better x