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29-09-03, 13:08
i suffer from anxiety! not quite panics but it feels like they r on their way at times.
I would recommend trying herbs to anyone!!

i have bought them all i think. Heres a run down on ones i have tried and other ones i think u should all try..
VALERIAN.. calms u down, good for before bed or when u arent doing anything as it makes u sleepy! thats good though.
SKULLCAP.. calming, not drowsy like valerian. makes me feel a bit lifeless but thats better than anxious i'd say!
ZEN. GABA and L-theanine.. good, calming quite mild and wears off but works for a few hours. Take with vit b6 as b6 is good for absorbtion.

Have recentley ordered something called LEMON BALM (MELISSA) it is supposed to be good for heart palpatation type panics, excellant for stomach probs too! calming also.
Also one called MAGNOLIA OFFICIINALIS. This is an alternative to KAVA KAVA they say (kava is banned as it causes liver probs in some but is known to be one of the best for anxiety and panics). Looking forward to this one.
Also ordered one called PASSION FLOWER or PASSIFLORA which it is commonly called. This is suposed to have mild sedative and good relaxing effects!! i will get back and let you know on those 3.
One called rhodiola rosea too, it is supposed to be great and energizing for stress and anxeity but wears off in a month or so, so a break would be good before u start it up again can cause worse anxiety or better at the start of treatment we are all different though.
Hope this helps!! it may work better for you or not we are all different but its def worth the try and money if u ask me!! safer than prescrition too. I would try em all and mabie rotate taking the herbs for effectiveness.
I have more ideas i will also post too.[8D]
Email me at claireandgiles@aol.com and i will answer all questions on the herbs!!

Try em u might love em! i do so far


02-10-03, 22:57
From Blossom. I have had a problem getting into the forum, but finally my som managed it, it kept throwing me out, saying Username and password was incorrect, lets hope it works next time. I read Sarah s message on Cipramil, and I will have been on it 2 weeks at 10mgs and 2 weeks at 2omgs on Saturday, but have not found any help from it yet, but after reading the message from Sarah, have more hope, . Doctor changed the tablet to the morning, and gave me Zoplicome to sleep at night, bit wary of that, so I will try half of that first, sick of being a night owl, still very anxious. and more help eould be greatly received, I am really scared, afraid to come downstairs some days. love from Blossom.xxx

10-10-03, 11:54
Hi there could you tell me where I can find Magnolia Officiinalis which is like Kava Kava thankyou Gary

10-10-03, 14:21
Hi All

I tried the rhodiola and didnt really find it much help, have been a sufferer for over two years now and have tried nearly everything - but have found some lovely little pills that have been working a treat - Stressless - "a natural remedy for stress" (B6 is another of my new best friends!!) these are about 5.00 from Super Drug - also take Milk thistle before indulging in alcohol, that also works (well it does for me) but remember to take one the next day.

x Shell


11-10-03, 14:15
Hello to you all!
Regarding gazzas email. You can get the magnolia officinalis from www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk/ let me know if it doesnt work. It should do though as its the right place.


11-10-03, 14:28
I thought i would update you on the other herbs i have bought! well the PASSIFLORA wasnt that great, but when i took 2 it seemed to help a bit! although i got tired by the afternoon. The MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS was quite good, if one doesnt work dont give up take 2 capsules instead!! lol. The LEMON BALM too mild but worth combining with others for a better effect i think!.

I think i have found a saviour!! let me tell you all!! I have read alot about it on talk froums and it sounds pretty good. It is called PICAMILLON, It has GABA in it. GABA is a calming amino acid, but doesnt quite cross that brain barrier so it doesnt give you that proper feeling but the GABA is also combined with another ingrediant called NIACIN this is a simple vit B!
But the real science is..... NIACIN does cross the brain barrier quite well!! so it can bring the GABA (the oh so important calming ingrediant) with it!! thus it gets the part of the brain where it is needed and will actuall work!!!
I have ordered some as i really want to try this. So i suggest you all order too!! I managed to find one site ( you have to get it from america though) it costs quite a bit when u have combined shipping ect but if you are that anxious the price wont matter!!

I have also read a good thing called TRANQUILI G, i have read about it on talk forums also and the feedback is astounding!! its got GHV in it, it works quite the same as GHB (yes i know this drug is dangerous) but there are many differences and TRANQUILI G is different from GHB in alot of ways which makes it safe!! it is on the FDA'S safe list so its fine for humans and is safe!! I will find the web sites for these supplements and post them in a minute! and also the talk forums which it is spoke about!

claire :)


11-10-03, 14:42


Both are definitaley worth a try. As they are proven pretty well.
To get to the forum where people are talking about PICAMILON and TRANQUILI G ...http://dr-bob.org/babble/

When you get to the psycho babble home page there will be a search box, just type in PICAMILON or TRANQUILI G and you will find disscussions about them!!

good luck!! and stay off the prescription meds!! lol.
claire xx


07-11-03, 16:38
I bought some Bach rescue remedy today, anythings worth a go, but can anyone tell me whether there is a maximum number of "squirts" you can use in any one day? Thanks
Kate x

07-11-03, 16:54
It's a terrible shame you can't buy kava kava anymore as I always found these brilliant. The problem with them was they were too good and so drug companies put on the pressure to ban them on the basis that a few people reported liver problems so more people would resort to their licensed drugs. Never mind the fact that Valium and anti-depressants are ten times worse on your liver than Kava Kava. Makes me angry.....:(:(

07-11-03, 20:58
Hi Kate,

No limit- but I usually put 3 squirts in a bottle of water and sipped it all day.

It works on a vibrational cellular level so it's not quantity related.

Emily - indeed even better when the 3 liver problems were all alcohol abusers when investigated.

Remember that if we choose to join the EU fully, we will be banned from buying any more than 60 mg tabs of Vit C from 2005 ....
Most health shops have something to sign.

Check it out on www.credence.com


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18-11-03, 15:33
i get my kava kava from a great lady from the USA! i buy it off her ebay store! you can also get it at www.lifesvigor.com

That site has it all!!! i mean it all!! and they post to the uk cheaply!
have a gander!



18-11-03, 21:09
Cheers Claire

My mum wants some melatonin so I will take a look!! I am not a great believer in buying any drugs on the net but something that we know is ok (if you know what I mean) for us I am all for!