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28-04-13, 21:59
Is anyone else on Clomipramine here? Is it normal that i am so tired? I can easily sleep 14+ hours and when I am up I just want to go back to bed.

I've been checked and tested for everything else but nothing's come up in any of my bloods or anything :weep:

I'm on 225 but it's the only thing thats ever improved my OCD.. so I'm stumped :(

03-06-13, 16:29
Heya, I'm on 150mg clomipramine daily & 2mg diazepam. It has made me sleepier in the mornings and I feel a bit vacant sometimes. I've been on it for a couple of years now and has really helped my anxiety & OCD. I do get side effects - but most of them have eased over time except dry mouth, so I chew gum/drink water a lot :)

29-07-13, 07:34
Wonder if that is due to the dosage? I'm not long on it, so low dosage 25mg to be upped every 2 weeks to 150mg. But I'm finding sleep very very disturbed. I'm exhausted and sleepy when I go to bed but am up every couple of hours.
Did you find that when you were on a low dose?
What other side effects are you experiencing?
MM x