View Full Version : ECG changes but no Doctor will help me!

29-04-13, 08:19
Hi all
Ive posted before about my palpitations. I had an echo in January, which was 'normal' even though I saw it said my left ventricle was on the very upper limits of normal. My 24 hr holter monitor showed normal sinus rhythm but 5000 pvcs with some trigeminy episodes. No doctor has said theyre worried.

I went to a+e last week with palpitations and a tight chest. The consultant came in and said I had t wave inversions (a few leads)in my ecg and for some reason they all decided I had a lung blood clot. I had the scan and I didnt have the lung clot.... they didnt mention my ecg again.

Then a few days later, I had another ecg again at a+e, and the dr had written LAD on the top and the nurse said I had a couple of t wave inversions on lead III. Again, a medical dr and registra came to see me and said it was fine....

Now Im a mess. I really think that Im having an enlarged heart. I feel like I have to breathe harder to get a breath at times. They keep telling me its my 'anxiety' but how would that suddenly change my ecg readings in that way?!! Im going to my GP tomorrow but as i had an echo in jan I know he wont know what to do. Im scared. I keep thinking Im going to die at any minute. Im due to have a 3 day holter monitor fitted on 7th May but that seems too far away.

Im 29, suffer from PTSD, very anxious a lot of the time.

No one has ever mentioned anything like this on any of my ecgs before, theyve all been normal.

Please if anyone has any insight into this Id be very grateful.


29-04-13, 15:08
hi i know how u feel about being worried i have had a few abnormal ecgs i was told i have peaked p waves then i had inverted t wave...........my one ecg read normal sinus rythm sinus arrthmia and short pr im scared but they say its fine.
where do u live i live in telford shropshire