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30-04-13, 15:06
Hello all,
I've been a member here for a few months but not posted much.
It's been an up and down (mostly down) few months.

Changed meds from Mirt to Sert, and now my Dr has changed me again to Duloxatine (60mgs).
When I asked him how I should change, he just said to stop the Sertraline ( I'm on 50mgs btw, have been for about 4 months, tried 100 but it sent my anxiety through the roof, hence my changing meds) for a couple of days, then start the Duloxetine.
I'm not happy with that, shouldn't I be tapering down? Or doesn't it matter?
He also said that 50 is the lowest dose, but there's a score line, so couldn't I just take 25mgs for a few days then change?
Anyway, this was yesterday, and last night I did just take the 25mgs.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just very very nervous about this new med. I've read good stuff and bad, but me being me, is focusing on the bad!

Any advice you can give will be much appreciated and thanks for reading.


30-04-13, 15:36
According to the (what I believe is) official advice here:


there is no need to taper sertraline when switching to duloxetine.

I've never cross tapered when switching antidepressants. Tapering is very important if you're coming off an AD completely though.

Hope the duloxetine works for you.