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06-05-13, 21:12
Hi guys sorry I've not been on for a while. x

Well I did a thread not too long ago almost complaining how down I felt about being newly pregnant and about a week later I had what I think is the worst thing that's ever happend to me in my entire 32 years of existence.

I've suffered with panic for 2 years now and I've never had it before but since I've been a panic attack sufferer I hate clinical environments on a good day.

So about a week after I posted - pregnant and feeling really upset thread - my world nearly collapsed before me.

I woke up and went to the toilet and at this time I'd been hurrendously ill anyway, in bed for most of Easter .... So I went to the toilet it was 6:30am ish got back in bed and suddenly a funny sensation so I stood up felt and ere was blood I ran to the toilet shouting to my husband "I'm loosing my baby." sat on the loo blood and what I thought was the baby but a clot????? Hubby called an ambulance and like I said about my clinical phobia I was in a right state! I couldn't speak I was crying , I felt faint the 999 people wouldn't let me dri k water until the ambulance came? MY GOD - it was nothing other than hurrendously scary!!!!!!

Apparently bleeding isn't as rare BUT I'm sure most will understand with the stress of that sometimes now I can't focus my panic has slightly returned and also the day after the incident I had a massive migraine first thing in the morning! And again that's a massive panic attack trigger for me! So a few weeks on I'm nealy 12 weeks hurray BUT I'm still so hyper sensitive to the way I feel, the way things look etc I sometimes can't sleep in fear I wake up and it happens again.

Solooking back at my origional post I'm mad at myself for ever posting I know I was just worried etc but really at that time I had nothing to really worry about, as opposed to now! I've already got 2 beautiful kids and now I can't wait and pray to GOD it all works out in the end and I don't have anymore scares. I don't think I can cope tbh.
Fingers and toes crossed!

Takecare everyone XXX

06-05-13, 21:15
Hi Col, how scary for you! I'm glad that things are looking better now. Take care and I hope all goes well . :hugs: :hugs: xxxxx

06-05-13, 21:20
Gosh Col that must of been so scary for you! Glad everything is ok now for you. I hope you start feeling better and better as the pregnancy goes on. Don't feel guilty for your last post here, I think its natural to have nerves about being pregnant especially when you have anxiety too. Focus on the future :hugs:

06-05-13, 21:20
Col I am really sorry you had to go through that scare and so pleased that things are going better and it has settled down again. I went through the same with my second son and really thought I had lost him as I lost so much blood and clots but luckily he was fine and the rest of my pregnancy went well (I had 2 miscarriages previous to that). Sending you hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs: x

06-05-13, 22:25
Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes ok. X

10-05-13, 21:14
Thanks so much xxx

10-05-13, 22:10
Big Hugs Col... Will be keeping all fingers and crossed for you. It must of been so scary for you. Big Hugs and best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy. xx

12-05-13, 13:08
Sorry you had such a scare, it must've been horrific. Try not to feel bad for feeling that way at the start. At the beginning of this pregnancy I very much didn't want this baby and (horridly) even spoke of it as a 'leech'. It was very unexpected and a complete shock... I'd only been with the father for 6 or so weeks when we found out!

Now, however, I'm 34 weeks and are very much in love with my man and baby :) Feelings change, please don't hold it against yourself xxx

14-05-13, 12:10
Thankyou all for your support xxxxx I think panic and anxiety are hurrendous at times but this has caused me to be a nervous wreck. I'm ok now touch wood but, if I'm having an off day this experience really plays on my mind I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up covered in blood or the baby is gonna be still born etc.....I know that sounds awful but being so ill & spaced out has really got me down.

I'm always trying to think positive no matter what ! Trying ? Thanks guys xxx

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Ps emmer congratulations xxx

14-05-13, 12:14
I know what you mean Col as I had 2 miscarriages before my daughter was born and I had similar panic and thoughts as you are having while I was expecting her.
Keep thinking the positive thoughts, sending you hugs :hugs::hugs:

14-05-13, 12:49
Hope you are ok Col! Im currently 10 weeks pregnant with number 3 and im not coping so sending you lots of love x

26-05-13, 19:32
Thank you :)

I know how you feel. I still get paranoid over a stillbirth or SIDS or something, but I did with my son - the entire way through I was going to miscarry or deliver prematurely.. I even then went through different scenarios where I died during delivery and then when I gave birth all of a sudden it was like 'oh, I've got a baby.. Didn't think this would actually happen', I struggled to bond with him because of it so I'm hoping that this time I'll manage to mentally prepare for this little one.

How are you doing now? How far are you?
Hope you're good!


27-05-13, 19:31
Hope you are ok Col! Im currently 10 weeks pregnant with number 3 and im not coping so sending you lots of love x

Hi babs sorry for very late reply Im consumed by worry over this baby 24/7!
I had my scan 24/05/2013 Im just coming up to 15 weeks and all was well! Except a little protein & white cells in urine & of course I'm now worried about blood results :( ! But I was soooooooooo nervous and scared coming up to it and it was also bloods. I got through it and I didn't really scream with excitement when the sonographer showed me my baby, I was just stricken I didn't cry with happiness I just laid there analysing it all in my head - almost like mentally checking off a list - oh yep it's got a spine! I was happy don't get me wrong BUT Im still soo cautious & scared and so mindful of what happend and go through bad scenarios in my head. I just want to hold my hopefully full term healthy baby in my arms I don't think after this pregnancy when I see my baby I'll ever put it down I can just imagine uncontrollably crying. Fingers and toes crossed I prey to God its all going to be ok!

I really really hope your ok too I can soooo relate and 3rd baby for us both, take care keep posting xxx

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Hi emmerlooeez x hope your well too. I almost think I'm sick in the head sometimes because I'm sooo negative I think of some right bad stuff/scenarios in my head. I'm just really worried and very scared.

Im nearly 15weeks X Keep me posted how u get on xxx