View Full Version : Bertie has been neutered

07-05-13, 15:29
I don't know who was more nervous this morning Bertie or me! Bertie woke as normal and scratched the door to be let out but today I left him in the kitchen. Poor boy he then used his litter tray twice (good to get that over with) I took him to the vets at 8.00am and I am to collect him at 4.00pm. I'm not sure whether he will need to wear a buster collar we shall see.I am looking foward to picking him up.Poppy his feline friend was waiting for him to play but he could not come out to play . EJ

07-05-13, 15:52
My 2 were both fine after their op. The vet said they would both be drowsy for a while but they were climbing along the curtain rails shortly after getting home! :D

07-05-13, 17:28
He is still very drowsy and disorientated. I've had to abandon the buster collar as he has taken it off! EJ

07-05-13, 17:52
Mine didn't wear a collar at all and they were fine.