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07-05-13, 18:52

This is my boy Toby who I've had for nearly 6 months, pictured winning 2nd prize for most handsome dog in a local dog show. When my anxiety was at its worst and I was becoming slightly agoraphobic I started volunteering at the local rescue center because I was terrified I'd become housebound. I met Toby and started talking him on walks. Toby also had very severe anxiety and was in a terrible state, having been in kennels for nearly a year with no interest. He really helped me at a time when my life was in ruins and I couldn't see any hope. So, when I started to feel better, I decided to repay the favour and adopted him. Despite his tough appearance he is THE most affectionate animal I have ever known and sleeps in my arms like a little baby in the evenings. I would never have met him if I didn't have a breakdown - so perhaps everything does happen for a reason. Thanks for reading x

p.s sorry for the huge picture - don't know how to re-size!

07-05-13, 18:57
That is such a lovely story and he is sooooo cute x

07-05-13, 18:59
What a lovely dog - very handsome. The dog that came first must have been outstanding! My little doggie helps me so much too - that's when he's not chewing my shoes or howling at the neighbour's cat!

Pip x

07-05-13, 19:01
What a lovely story, thank you for sharing.

07-05-13, 19:09
Thanks guys. Tobys anxiety shifted when he got a quiet house and a warm bed by the radiator. If only it was that easy for us! :)

07-05-13, 19:13
Awww, a beautiful dog and a very touching story. I am sure you have both helped eachother so much and will continue to do so. All the best to you both :) xx

07-05-13, 20:30
Lovely dog and lovely story.

little wren
07-05-13, 20:57
So lovely...so pleased you found each other :) and hope you both grow stronger together. He is a gorgeous boy!

08-05-13, 11:18
Thanks for all your sweet comments everyone. I do love him very much and I'm glad I could give him a forever home because I think he would have ended up being PTS. He was very much a rough diamond when I met him and he still has issues with getting over excited as he's never had any rules or boundaries in his life before. He was thrown out on the street when just a puppy and then spent the next year of his life in kennels. Hopefully in the future when I get a flat with a garden I can get him a buddy x

08-05-13, 11:26
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Lissa :) Toby is a beautiful dog and I'm glad you are a comfort to one another. I think you're right when you say that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Wishing you both the best
Hannah :hugs:

17-05-13, 13:56
:wub: He looks lovely.. He definitely deserved that prize (or probably he deserved even the first prize!)

So cool that you found each other!

16-01-14, 15:33
Actually brought a tear to my eye reading this today and how proud does Toby look of himself in your photo?! Thankyou for sharing x