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14-05-13, 16:28
Hi - I have been prescribed Amitripyline today for Anxiety and Insomnia. I was prescribed Citalopram but was to anxious about the side effects so the doctor has given me these instead.

They sound a lot easier to take. She has given me the tablets in 25mg doses and said the max I should take each night is 75mg.

I'm thinking of starting on 25mg and seeing how I feel.

Just interested to find out if 25mg is enough to help me sleep and help with anxiety or would starting on 50 be better?


16-05-13, 21:37
Well after the high volume of replies to my above post :D I decided to start with 25mg last night. Got on ok, they didn't help me sleep that much but did relax me and my anxiety has been less today. Felt a bit spaced out and had the dry mouth. Otherwise ok.

Just popped my second pill.

17-05-13, 08:58
Sorry Geoff, sometimes the posts go quickly and people don`t catch them all. I know 2 people who are on Amitripyline. One person for anxiety and the other for pain. They seem to work for both.:)

17-05-13, 20:19
Thanks Flori. Appreciate the response.

Today has not been great. Got some good sleep last night but as the day as gone on I have felt worse. Anxiety is bad. Not sure if its the pills or just me. It's my wifes 30th this weekend and I want to not let how I feel take over the weekend. Going to continue tonight anyway and try and work through this.

Thanks for the info about the people you know.

22-05-13, 13:15
Anyone got any ideas how long this drug takes to kick in? It helps me get to sleep but I still wake up in the night feeling anxious.

It's day 6 now and I'm on 50mg per night.


22-05-13, 13:26
Sorry Geoff not many of us are on Amitriptyline so you won't get many replies. I've been on imipramine and lofepramine in the past which are TCA's like Amitriptyline, they worked OK for anxiety and I remember them working quite quickly say within 3 days but they made me unreasonably sleepy in the day. I believe 50mg is still a low dose I would suggest you return to your doctor and discuss an increase.

28-05-13, 19:12
Day 12 now and I find this drug very up and down. I have some good days and some really bad days. Hoping it will even out the longer I take them for. Going back to see my doctor on Thursday to discuss possibly increasing my dose.

Appreciate not many people take Amit now but if anyone has any experiences like mine then it would be great to hear.

14-08-13, 15:17
Hi Geoff
I am on Day 6, I am upping my doseage to 50mg on instructions from my doctor tonight. I am super sensitive to side effects and I am worried about being a zombie tomorrow:wacko:

14-08-13, 20:36
Hi Bisto - Just seen your other post.

I did up my dose to 50mg but I found the dry mouth to much to deal with so went back to 25mg. My anxiety is mainly caused by stress which has a massive impact on my sleep. So I need a drug that really helps in the sleep department. So I have stopped taking Amit and have move to Mirtazapine which I see you didn't get on with. I much prefer it although only been on it a week. I can relate to the zombie feeling you talk about but I find it goes after a couple of hours in the morning.

I wouldn't worry too much about going up-to 50mg. Amit has far less side effects than most other anti depressants. Everyone is different so give it a go. I just needed something a bit stronger.

Good luck!!!

14-08-13, 23:24

I'm planning on a mirtazapine and amitrityline combination in the the near future (I'm expecting to wean off duloxetine after seeing my GP on 22nd).

So I'll be watching your experiences with interest.

15-08-13, 10:40
I take Amitriptyline 50mg and Mirtazapine 45mg for anxiety and insomnia, they work a treat for me. Even though I wake early in the morning, but my insomnia has always been quite severe. The dry mouth does go away eventually.

15-08-13, 14:19
That's good news BobbyDog, thanks.

I was waking early with duloxetine for 3 months, but not so much lately.

Don't mind as long as I get enough sleep and the anxiety is under control.

It's the ruminating and paranoia that get me when my anxiety is high. Actually it's more "hypersensitivity to perceived criticism" rather than true paranoia.

Pregabalin and now duloxetine helped greatly but both wore off fast at 4 months, so looking forward to trying the new combination.

Wish there was a short name for Amitrityline as it's taking me ages to get used to the spelling :)