View Full Version : Buspirone and Promethazine

23-05-13, 08:55
Hi all

I've been in the doldrums recently and have been takin Diazepam (5mg), Zopiclone (7.5mg) along with my usual dose of Mirtazapine.
I saw a psyciatrist yesterday who is swapping the buspirone for diazepam and promethazine for zopiclone.
Started the new meds yesterday along with a reduced dose of diazepam and zopiclone and was awake all night!
Any one have experience of either buspirone or promethazine?

Thanks for any advice!

23-05-13, 10:35
I took buspirone for a few months and it definitely helped. Nothing earth shattering but almost imperceptibly my mood lightened. I wish you all the best.

24-05-13, 19:07
What a nightmare the last few days have been, not slept since Tuesday night, since I changed the meds over! Spoke to someone at the metal health team and they have consulted with another psychiatrist (mine's on holiday) and have instructed me to get back on the zopiclone and drop the promethazine. Also to carry on with the buspirone and continue diazepam as necessary?! Wish I'd have stayed with the zopi/mirt/diaz combo which was giving me 4-5 hours most nights.

Have such a headache now, just hope I can get a few hours sleep tonight. Not sure I'll persevere with the buspirone either, haven't found many positive reviews on it.