View Full Version : taking cymbalta for two weeks now

23-05-13, 17:27
After ten years of being succesfully on effexor it started to wear off. So I switched to Prozac and have been in hell for 6 weeks..

Now I am taking Cymbalta for two weeks 30 mg and still don't feel good. I experience..mood swings..spaced out feelings..feel like I have to cry...tingling face...tremblings..nausea and unable to eat...hot flashes etc etc...unable to concentrate...

I am taking it for anxiety but it does not seem to bring that down...I am anxious all day long :weep:.

Can anyone tell me when and if these side effects subside?? Do I have to give it another two weeks and then move up to 60 mg? I am scared to do this, because maybe then thing will get worse instead of better...

23-05-13, 17:35
I have been on Cymbalta for about a year and it is definitely helping. It took about a month to work but I really didn't have any side effects. I wish you all the best.


23-05-13, 17:41
Baggs I am happy for you that you did not experience any side effects. Unfortunately I am hypersensitive to medication (and not only that :winks:).. What is your dosage? and are you taking it for anxiety?

23-05-13, 18:58
Thanks. Some days I take 60mg and sometimes 30, I have both - not too sure that the dosage matters that much. I take it for depression - I still get lows but they are manageable. I wish you all the best.


30-05-13, 07:58
Three weeks in now...with the following side effects..
hot and cold sweats
burned skin feelings
abdominal pain in liver area
zombie feelings subsided a little
poor concentration

Please tell me if these will subside? And I am afraid of liver damage as fda warned for this and I am experiencing tenderness in that area. Next week I will contact my GP and ask for bloodtests so I will know for sure.

Apart from all these nasty side effects I feel that it is helping my anxiety. So I reallly do hope all the SE's will disappear and that nothing is wrong with my liver.

Does anyone have experience with cymbalta and liver damage?

30-05-13, 15:45
I've been on duloxetine now for a month at 60mg, following 2 weeks at 30mg.

I found the first 4 days at each dosage the hardest as I was so exhausted and lethargic. I also experienced:

Highly increased anxiety
Tremors / trembling
Jaw clenching
Night sweats - not severe
Sexual side effects

After my second week at 60mg as I was getting ready to step down to 30mg with a view to coming off them, they started to kick in, although I still get the odd bout of nausea, dizziness, sweats and anxiety, but they don't happen often.

The only side effects that remain daily are the sexual ones and the insomnia.

At the moment, I certainly feel they've helped quiten my mind, but my emotions are flat, in that it's difficult to experience any excitement either.

But I accept all these side effects just for a break from the constant churning anxiety and obsessive worrying that I used to have.

If you bear with them, especially if your Doc thinks you can go to 60mg - which is the standard dose for anxiety and / or depression, they may help you too.