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28-05-13, 20:06
Hi everyone, i just really need some advice as i'm really down at the moment and so stressed out. my baby is due 22nd july. i was working for the same employer from oct 2011 till may 3rd 2013 so quite a while and i was there on a temporary contract but they decided to end my employment on 3rd may which meant i had to take maternity leave early. i worked in an office so i was planning on taking maternity leave a few weeks before due date. i thought we had to give employer 28 days notice of maternity leave which i was unable to do as my contact ended but they now tell me that you have to let them know by 25 weeks pregnant but as soon as i left i sent them the matb1 form and they got back to me saying i qualify for maternity pay but then the last two - three weeks they have just been fobbing me off saying they don't know how to process my smp and now all of sudden they have said i needed to let them know by april 8th so they can't pay me anything. i have no money and i am due to be moving from swindon to bristol with my boyfriend and i have him on at me to get a flat but i don't have any money. i have just broken down as im so stressed with it all and i don't know what to do. can anyone relate to this? if my employer don't pay me will the job centre pay it? any advice would be great, this was the last thing i needed right now.

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03-06-13, 11:29

I'm no expert as i haven't been through it personally but i've read up on it as i'm planning and have had to resign my job as i'm relocating so won't be in current employment if and when i got pregnant necessarily.

I think you can claim from the job centre, its called maternity allowance.

This link tells you everything


I would think you should be able to claim from reading this.

Hope you are ok x