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29-05-13, 16:33
Hi all,

I've been prescribed 10mg amitrityline for migraine which I've been suffering with for over two years. Been on lots of meds for this but none have suited me. My G.P. has been trying to persuade me to try amitryltyline for ages but I've been reluctant to try them. Now however, after having four migraine attacks in one week :weep:, I have agreed to give them a try.
I also have been taking 2.5 - 5mg diazepam, as and when required, to help with neck spasms which usually prempt a migraine attack.
My question is can I still take dizepam safely if I need to? My G.P. obviously knows what medication I'm on and didn't say anything about not taking them but due to all the problems I've had in the past with medication I wondered if anyone here had taken both of these safely.
I'm due to go back to G.P. next week to see how things are going so can check then but wondered if anyone could help in the meantime.


30-05-13, 03:47
I think they are okay, but you should check with your doctor, or even just give the pharmacy a call, they should be able to advise. I have had nortriptyline and alprazolam together with no ill effects and they are a similar combination.

30-05-13, 09:47
Thanks for the reply. It's a week before my next G.P. appointment so will givepharmacy a call like you suggest.

30-05-13, 10:27
Amitriptyline and Diazepam don't react against each other so they are classed as a safe combination, check with pharmacist though for your peace of mind, hope the Amitriptyline sorts out your migraines, they are a good choice once you have eliminated all other possible causes as in diet etc.

02-06-13, 18:26
Thanks for reply. I have checked with pharmacy and confirmed ok to take Ami and diazepam. Apparently the combination will make you more drowsy but as I'm only on 5mg ami and 2ml/5ml diazpam when required all ok.

So far I think Amitriptyline suites me (hope I haven't spoken too soon!). I don't seem to have side effects other than quite vivid dreams, plus after a few days on them have been waking up really early and haven't been able to go back to sleep. Biggest thing no migraine!!

02-06-13, 20:08
Hi glad to hear that you have fallen lucky with the first step treatment they have put you on, not always easy to find the right one first time but that's a good combo, life free of pain is so much better x

16-04-16, 21:45
I take 10mg 'ami' at night and 5mg of diazepam 2 doses during the day or as and when and 1 at night,the only side effect i have is constipation from the 'ami' which doesnt help as im ibs c x

10-11-16, 17:42
I am on 20mg of Amitriptyline and also Lorazepam which is a lot more potent than Diazepam....1mg = 10mg Valium. I have a high level of tolerance though so it takes a lot to knock me out and was on Zopiclone too and still felt anxious and woke up way too early or several times. This is probs an old post now but 2mg of Diazepam would not even be worth me bothering with. But for others it could knock them out.