View Full Version : how do you deal with your anxiety when you are pregnant..?

29-05-13, 16:57
hi guys i recently found out im 11 weeks pregnant.
i suffer really bad with panic attacks, general anxiety and health anxiety.
its just is there any way in controlling this when you are pregnant..?


05-06-13, 02:45
Hi there,

I'm 11 weeks to! Congrats! I'm still on anti depressant medication which has probably helped a little ? Exercise, lots of rest, warm baths, talking to people have all helped. I'm also having CBT which has been excellent!

I was referred to a specialist midwife who can advise and also if things get difficult for you there is other services you can be referred to who can advise around medication if you need it (perinatal mental health)

I'm trying not to think ahead too much and just deal with today. Seems to be ok so far!

My anxieties are not health related, more feeling out of control and claustrophobic. I've worried even before pregnancy that I would freak out and lose my mind. Hormones aside - so far so ok :) x

05-08-13, 14:55

I suffer from GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), I have had this condition for over 15 years, I tend to have bouts of extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Prior to getting pregnant I was taking Venlafaxine for my Anxiety. I am now (25 weeks) pregnant and I am having a pretty rough time. Last week I just started worrying about having another baby (already have 1 son) worrying that I am not going to be able to cope, have I made a mistake etc. I can't seem to switch off from this constant anxiety and cannot think about anything else. I cant eat, sleep, cant work its ruining my life! My doctor agreed to give me script for Citalopram 10mg but I am not sure this will do any good.

Does anyone have any ideas and good advice that might help me.

Many thanks

08-08-13, 20:07
Hi Lizbeth,
I'm 20 weeks pregnant now. I've struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for many years. I stayed on A/D as I knew anxiety would be a big problem for me in pregnancy.
I've still struggled, and actually had to increase the dose at one stage as don't forget ou have more blood in your system so the concentration of meds will be lessened.

Make sure you have a therapeutic dose of meds. That means at least 20mg of citalopram. Your midwifery team will prob have a specialist Midwife for mental health, ask to speak to them. I am finding yoga, mindfulness and lots of times with friends helpful.
I've had the 'OMG what am I doing?!?' thoughts. I think it's normal for most mums, but for worriers like us it sticks! X.

04-09-13, 04:18
I am 17 weeks pregnant and have only been diagnosed with and suffering from had since the pregnancy. I've been given some diazepam and they are keen to put me on anti depressants. However I am very reluctant to take them as I would ideally like to deal with this using CBT etc. in order to avoid dependancy on drugs. however I am not sleeping and am not sure what the best course of action is for me and baby.
Any options are massively welcome at this point.

05-09-13, 04:43
Hi Alex,
Sorry to hear you're struggling. I guess my situation is different in that I had anxiety and depression previously and knew I would need medication to get through the pregnancy as healthy as I can be for baby.
I have a combination of anti depressant (sertraline) and CBT and I'be amazed myself at how well I've been and how much I'm enjoying the pregnancy.

It's such a personal choice really, but I would recommend reading 'pregnant on Prozac' it's a bit of a dodgy title and doesn't do the book justice, because its brilliant and helps you weigh up your options regarding treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems during pregnancy and post partum. I got my copy from amazon really cheaply, when we were thinking about becoming pregnant.

With reference to dependence on a/d - they are not addictive in the same way as a benzodiazepine or sleeping tablet. I have a long term condition which I am comfortable taking a tablet a day to help me manage. I have no side effects and an anti depressant massively improves my quality of life and safety and that of my baby.
If you have only developed anxiety and low mood in pregnancy, then chances are you wont need medication long term.

I wish you lots of luck and happiness. X

06-09-13, 20:49
Not coping at all, just mulling through each day waiting to die or have a few days of sheer hell when labour starts. Hate clincal environments when I'm the patient & been very up down ill all way through so knocked my confidance , Will buy pregnant on Prozac. Thanks

06-09-13, 21:43
well i,ve got two young kids and my ha/panic started after my second kid now 5. but had post natel depression with both. for a year now i,ve wanted another child but very scared to because of ha. and im always thinking i,ve got something wrong with me and i,ll die or if i did fall preg then maybe the baby would die. horrible to say but thats the way i am. and i hate myself through thinking things like that. but realy another reason i can,t have another child is because i have no man. ha,ha. im separated.

16-09-13, 02:43
Many thanks for your advice. Will look out for that book.