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worried 101
29-05-13, 19:20
Hi there.
Me and my partner have been considering getting pregnant and while i feel ready for motherhood and me and my partner have a very happy relationship I cant help those feeling of anxieties creep in, like am I ready and will I be a good mum, can I do this? (those sorts of things) because of my GAD i dont know how to distinguish between actaul worries or just these silly worries and wether these feeling mean im not ready.
My partner and I have spoken about my worries and he said that he thinks they are just natural worries but as a worrier i worry they are more than thtat!
Im very confused please help!

30-05-13, 13:19
i am sure you will be a good mother none of us are prepared for having children it comes naturally, its an amazing journey, its very normal to have concerns and worries, good luck and blessings

05-06-13, 02:37
Hi there,
I was absolutely plagued with anxieties and still am at 11 weeks. Some of them were normal ones like yourself and others more bizarre!
I knew that the person I am that pregnancy would be an anxious time of change and feeling out of control. It's actually been better so far than I thought.
I'm having therapy as well which is helping me stay in the moment and not leap to worrying about every possible negative thing. It's really helping. X