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03-06-13, 18:12
Well I had my sigmoidoscopy (flexible) today and never again with the gas and air breathing (it was difficult sucking) next time if I need one doing will be sedation. For me it was painful, needed help with my breathing slowly at times.

Having my blood pressure taken before, and probably during was my pulse being taken. Looking on screen was quite interesting even though at 1st I did not look at the screen.

They did not find any polyps or anything else what looked worrying (I am concerned yes) because I don't know whether it is still IBS.

I been told to stay off Google again and got asked what started it off the bowel cancer advert, my Dad bowel screening sample (poop test)

also by the man before me said that the internet can be a scary place and I should stay off it.

03-06-13, 19:33
The main thing was nothing abnormal or serious was found. That`s good news. Well done.

04-06-13, 13:25
Many thanks for your response

I will have one done again or colonoscopy etc if needed. thankful I had a glass of water when finished.

My eating is back to normal now, as I took it easier the day before.

The worse thing was the prep, my parents made sure I drunk it.

05-06-13, 09:02
I'm sorry to hear that you suffered so much discomfort..I had a Sigmoidoscopy a number of months ago and was fine , I am a very anxious person anyway & expected pain but it wasn't as bad as I thought I did have a lovely doctor who understood how tense I was... The pumping up of air was a little uncomfortable but bearable & I did let the Dr know when it was getting a bit much..
My results thank goodness was normal but I like you still wonder why I have diahorrea on a daily basis but the Dr reassured me that it's IBS :)

05-06-13, 21:54
Many thanks for your reply.

The team who did mine knew I was nervous, with bowel cancer and my NF was another worry.
I am glad that I did not chicken out of it. I am grateful that the specialist I saw put me forward to show me there was nothing there.
I think now I need to changed and improved my diet, and hopefully get rid of some of this anxiety.

26-07-13, 14:14
Hi - what were your symptoms before your colonoscopy and how old were you at the time?

My NHS gastro clinic won't give me one with the symptoms I have (abdominal discomfort and occasional blood in stool), they say that the risks outweigh the benefits in a 35yo.

17-11-13, 10:12
im17 and the doctors are planning on giving me one :( surely the risks outweigh the benefit? :( im so scared

18-11-13, 14:05
My symptoms were just abdominal pains, before the scans, my gp gave me fibre gel to try, another gave me gaviscon. I push for ultrasound abdominal (parents wrote note to GP) was given CT scan and sent for scan just to proof nothing was wrong. I needed a MRI possible small pouch of bowel which is quite common (but not serious)

20-01-14, 13:10
backfromthebrink - I'm 23 and I'm having one on Thursday. My only symptom is occasional blood streaked on outside of stool.

10-05-14, 13:02
I went for the sigmoidiscopy and nothing was found last year, even though I had a few other scans to make 100% certain when do I need to go back for another one as bowel cancer is still one of my number one fears, it does not help reading daily mail (or like some people call it daily fail.) about the number of people with bowel cancer articles in my age group.

The CT, MRI, Ultrasound and nuclear scan was clear no polyps seen, removed but still think something wrong.

I was 29 at the time, now 30