View Full Version : Terrible anxiety after finding out i'm pregnant

04-06-13, 17:29
One week ago i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant, will b 6 weeks tomorrow. At first i was so excited and my husband is over the moon. Now after a few day's i've started feeling scared that i'll miscarry or i'm not actually pregnant even though i done 8 TESTS. I want to enjoy being pregnant and i'm trying to stop stressing as i read stress can cause miscarriage which is making me worse. Its a vicious circle. I cant stop reading horror stories online. I sometimes wish the internet never existed.

04-06-13, 19:56
hi firstly congratulations X

well please dont read my horror story thread on- nearly lost my baby!!! because im a nervous wreck ever since and like you have siad , i worry now about worrying as worry causes miscarriage and other complications and frankly is not good for you!!! ive got 2 children already and i can honestly say that i am more scared now then i was ever with my other 2 pregnancies. My youngest is 4 but at that time i was not a panic sufferer. mine came on in 2011. I'm honestly not able to give you any advice because im just as worried and a nervous wreck after my recent experience BUT what i will say is im here to chat to anytime XX good luck

05-06-13, 02:30
Hi Lyndz,
I'm 11 weeks now and I promise I have all the same worries and also trawled the Internet. I think so many women do. I have found those anxieties lessened as the second trimester approaches. It's so normal to worry about something so important.

I found making myself NOT look up anything on Internet helpful. I'm also using relaxation and mindfulness. A long soak in a warm bath, candles and a good book is also recommended.

I am struggling with anxiety about this, you're not alone! X

Fred Speed
06-06-13, 10:36
Hi I have also just found out that I am pregnant (about 4.5 weeks) and having exeactly the same thoughts. I've done 3 tests - one of which was a really expensive one that tells you how many weeks - and they were all positive. Despite this I find it difficult to beleive I am pregnant and am fearful that I'll go for my 12 week scan and they'll tell me theres nothing there!!

Nuts aren't we??


18-05-15, 17:29
Same here! I found out 3 weeks ago, shock of my life. Ive been anxious ever since, depressed n down at times too. Im worried about how Im gunna cope with a baby when Im feeling pretty crap, defiantly how Im going to cope mentally as Im aware I can cope with feeding, changing nappies etc...as I do this at work, so thats not really a worry. My mental health and coping with a little life to nurture is though. Im on my sertraline, but at times Im that shattered n down I dunno if its having too much effect (I'm sure it is really having an effect!).