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06-06-13, 03:20
For anyone who is interested in this drug...

I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after coming down with what I thought was the flu last year. I had suffered severe anxiety in the past, but had learnt to cope with it without the use of drugs through counselling and CBT and having an active lifestyle. When I got sick with severe fatigue that didn't go away, I developed severe health anxiety, to the point I was convinced I had bowel cancer and was going to die. I also developed depression from not being able to do the things that would normally do to relieve the anxiety. I also had severe back pain that prevents me from standing too long or doing normal things like hanging out washing, doing the dishes etc.

Last week I started on a half of the smallest dose of Nortriptyline. I have been prescribed this to help with my sleep patterns as well as to try and address the depression and anxiety.

Week 1: 5mg 2 hours before sleep. First two nights taking the half dose were almost entirely sleep free! Third night I downloaded a sleep hypnosis app and managed to get off to sleep, waking 3 or 4 times. This continued to the end of the week. No adverse side effects. No noticeable improvement of symptoms outlined above.

Week 2. Increased dose to 10mg. First night: Broken sleep again. Woke feeling groggy, however, depressive thoughts not as intrusive and had more energy during the day. Back pain almost completely non existent! Side effects: Head rushes. Second night: Broken sleep. Woke groggy. More energy during the day and little back pain! Side effects: head rushes, heavy feeling head.

Conclusion so far: Too early to tell, but it is interesting that the dibilitating back pain seems to have almost completely resolved over night, which I can't quite believe. Having more energy during the day to do normal things is fantastic. Will keep taking the drug and keep monitoring the effect.

12-06-13, 07:24
Week 3: Spoke too soon. Back pain is back and daytime energy has waned this week.