View Full Version : Huge scan freak out!

10-06-13, 18:38
Eeeeeeek!!!! we had our scan today at 12 weeks and I had a huge panic attack after seeing our little squirming baby. I've always thought I would dislike being pregnant and feeling out of control, but up until now it's been pretty fine. The scan today though made it hit home and I got really overwhelmed at the thought that I had something inside me that I'm out of control of! I'm having total panic feelings that I can't cope and will go mad! I know how selfish and awful I sound and I'm so happy that the baby is ok, but I'm struggling to calm down. Can anyone relate and offer words of wisdom?

Ps - I've felt much more relaxed as the day has gone on x

10-06-13, 19:28
yes its a big thing you are going through, and your hormones are up and down hence the worry and upset, to bring a tiny person into the world is big but you will be ready you are just having a moment of realisation, just keep calm and you will be fine try and find others who are at the same stage as you so you can compare and chat best wishes blessings

10-06-13, 22:35
Thank you Aggie for your lovely response.
Feeling much better as the day goes on. X