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12-06-13, 15:40
Hi am really in such a panic. I found out I am pregnant (planned) but am terrified I will have an ectopic - I had one effort my son came along, I've had bloods done today to check hcg level an will have it done again Friday to see if it doubles

Just wanting some help on how to stay calm really : (

12-06-13, 20:24
Remember it's completely normal to worry about everything when you are pregnant!
I worried about eptopic, along with most other things. Just had the 12 week scan and now I'm worried about the 20 week scan!
Try and remember that the odds are massively in favour of everything going perfectly well, then get busy with a nice movie, book, exercise, friends. I found reading about pregnancy and going on websites about pregnancy related things didn't really help. X

Fred Speed
18-06-13, 14:14
Hi I'm just over 6 weeks and had to go to the gp this morning as I had some brown discharge (sorry if tmi!). I was convinced I have an ectopic but the doc advised that it was VERY rare and he had a good feel of my tummy and told me that everything seemed to be in the right place and he had no concerns. I'm sure ill be worrying about something else tomorrow.

Once again the doc has told me to stop googling etc etc and I will try but it's really hard. Good luck guys . This time next year we will all be chasing after little ones :)


18-06-13, 14:35
keep away from googling things remember your hormones are all over the place congratulations though blessings