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14-06-13, 09:36
Has anybody out there tried Quetiapine I was given these by GP a month ago tried one and I slept most of day at present I take Mirtazapine 45mg a day and when Mega bad with anxiety 1mg x2 lorazepam but my body has got used to this and I don't want to up it anymore. The GP says Quetiapine is my only other alternative.
Would love to hear thoughts and experiences on it, am so low all I want to be able to do is walk into a shop well anything really as prisoner in own home at present. :)

14-06-13, 12:50
Yes I'm on Quetiapine slow release tablets right now :)

To be perfectly honest, I really don't know if they're helping me or not:shrug:

I know when I was first put on them, I had the normal release tablets and I took it at night and it knocked me out!!! But that only lasted about a week then I was back to having sleep problems again.

I now take 100mgs of the slow release tablets at night and I take a 25mg normal release tablet in the morning. I can tell you now that they do not help with my sleep problem at all.

They're supposed to be really good for anxiety, which was why I was put on them, but like I've said, I really just don't know if they help or not.

I'm going to be discussing this with my GP in a few weeks time.

I'd say give them a shot as you may find that they help you lots and anything is worth a try :)

Have you tried or thought about any CBT at all??

I have found CBT really helpful for agoraphobia. I'm doing the CBT4Panic, link is in my signature, and I'm having good results, slow going but I don't mind all the while I'm progressing.

CBT4Panic is all online, so that you can do it from home :) and I believe it is now a completely free of charge therapy :)

It's a great programme, it is easy to understand and follow.

Why not give it a try or at least go and have a look at it and see how you feel :)