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04-10-06, 23:58

I've been taking Diazepam 2mg as needed for last couple of weeks. Thing is, sometimes I don't notice much improvement - is it OK to take 2 at once? Do any of you find that you need more than 2mg at times?


05-10-06, 00:01
HI Yes i find at times i need to take 4mgs or even 5mg depending on the situ.I try mostly not to take at all so i really feel the benifit.

05-10-06, 11:45
I"ve been taking 5mg twice daily for 3 yrs now with no probs or need to increase

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Ma Larkin
05-10-06, 15:23
My friend is on 10 mg. I only used to take 2 as and when, but I have taken as much as 8mg in one day when the anxiety has been at its worst. My friend sleeps a lot!!


06-10-06, 12:38

I took 4mg yesterday afternoon and it made me feel really spacey but it did wonders for the tension my body.

Les - I'm not surprised your friend sleeps alot:). I could have easily had a hours nap but I was in the middle of making tea!

06-10-06, 12:54
When I was taking them I used to break a 2mg tablet into quarters and take one of the pieces before going to bed and that was enough for me for the following day. Less can be better sometimes especially for just taking the edge off things. FLOYD

06-10-06, 19:39
I agree with Floyd- the thing with diazepam is that is addictive and the more often you take it, the less effective it becomes, so you need to take more to feel the benefits. You can take 15mg a day and more-I think! 5mg has me nodding off though!

08-10-06, 13:58
hi i have been persribed diazepam 2mg and im on sertraline i have been to see a doctor today and i may have to have my sertraline uped a dose im on 50mg is there anybody on sertraline if there is how many mg do you take? the doctor said i can take diazepam now and again when i feel bad but im afraid of being addicted to them anybody in my situation

mrs m bevis

08-10-06, 17:50
Hi scatty cat, i take diazapam 5mg but not all the time ,but it makes me tooooo relaxed,saying that i would not be without it.:D:D:D

09-10-06, 07:03
Hi Scatty Cat

I've found this Topic very reassuring. I was worrying that I was the only one who used diazepam. I take 2mg as needed.

I had a major anxiety attack nearly four weeks ago and went through a quarter of a packet in 3 days. (7 tablets). Since then I've been counting the days I've been diazepam free (25 today) but am getting myself worked up because I'm in full PMT and due to go back to where I had the attack on Thursday. My hubby has just reminded me that I have the tablets for occasions just like these and for goodness sake - I got the packet of 28 tablets a year ago - and there's still 7 left!

Still I'm scared I'll start relying on them to cope.

What do you all thinK? And what do you do instead of taking a diazepam?

Dusty xx

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09-10-06, 13:34
I was just going to start a post about diazepam then saw this one.
I have some diazepam that the doc gave me but was worried about taking it.
So I've just taken a quarted of one now and will increase to a whole one

Does anybody take it all the time? I'm just thinking it would be nice to be less anxious. Diabetics have insulin all the time so why is it different taking tranquilisers all the time if you are anxious.

The only thing is getting my doc to prescribe it. He doesnt want me to be on it long term.

years ago I was on tranx and antidepressants all the time. was on them for about 18 years.


09-10-06, 16:08
BRENDA, my sister is a diabetic and if she did,nt inject 3 times a day she would not be here surporting me with my anxiety.YOU WILL NOT DIE FROM A PANIC ATTACT . there is a difference. lorraine[Sigh...]

09-10-06, 16:24

The two reasons I know of for not taking tranquilisers for long term benefit are

1. The body becomes tolerant to the effects and therefore you would need need to increase the dose to continue to get the same effect.

and 2. They are addictive and you can easily come to rely on them.

Think of it like alcohol. If you are an occasional drinker, one or two glasses will have to desired effect (for want of a better word) . But the more regularly you drink the more alcohol you would have to consume to get <s>drunk</s> the desired effect. And it is easily possible to rely on alcohol to make you "feel good".

So briefly - I personally think diazepam is OK if taken occasionally when things are really bad, but I wouldn't recommend taking it regularly for a long time.

And for the record I picked up a new pack of Diazepam this morning to ensure I don't run out when visiting home this weekend. I probably won't need them but knowing they are there for an emergency is reassuring!!

Dusty xx

PMT - Proof that God must be a man.

09-10-06, 21:22
Sorry guys but I have to disagree with the bit about having to increase the dose.
As stated b4 I've been on 2 x 5mg for 3 yrs now and haven't felt the need to increase.
The max daily dose is 40mg so I reckon I'm pretty safe

Don't believe everything you think.

10-10-06, 09:10
HI Phil
Do you feel better taking the diazepam?

I'm just thinking if I can have something that reduces the anxiety it would be great.
I wouldnt mind taking them all the time if they made me feel better

Pam x

10-10-06, 09:30
I take 5mg twice daily

Don't believe everything you think.

10-10-06, 09:40
i have been on and off diazepam for 6 weeks my doctor perscribed sertraline 50mg 3 weeks ago and the past week it feels like im in a state of depression now he has upped my tablets to 100mg hopefully when the tablets start working i wont have to take a diazepam when i feel bad are you on any permanent medication brenda?

mrs m bevis

10-10-06, 10:49
Hi Brenda
They definately help me feel better and as I have stated I've been on em for 3 yrs without having to increase the dose.
I don't think I'd be able to hold down a job without them.

Don't believe everything you think.

11-10-06, 18:34
I have been taking diazapam for 3 years - 2mg 3 times a day. I have now been told I can no longer have them as they are addictive. am having terrible trouble coming off them. Dreadful anxiety and other symptoms. I have beeb told that I am addicted. I wish that I had never started taking them in the first place. Has anybody else got any experience of this and if so how did they cope.