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14-06-13, 22:55
Hi this is my fist post :) anyway on to the issue i have, so a few days ago i was out camping i made the biggest mistake of my life i tried smoking weed after years of not doing so. ten minutes later i felt as if i was having a heart attack, two days later i went and seen my doctor i explained what happened, she checked my heart and breathing and said i appear 100% normal, she also said she doubts i have any issues because of my age being only 21. after that she said she will put me in for an ECG test to reassure me and them selves, the tst is just two days away and i am really worried it will confirm my fears. should i be worried ?

14-06-13, 23:04
Hi and welcome.
No you shouldn't be worrying, firstly the test itself is nothing scary.
As for results, I'm sure you will be fine..
Smoking weed will do that to yer! Been there too! It caused an anxiety/ panic attack, which lead to the heart attack symptoms , that's all...
On the up side , going for the test, will settle your worry.
I'm sure you'd rather go than cancel it?

14-06-13, 23:21
I am going off course but i am a little worried still.

14-06-13, 23:26
If you had heart problems you'd get a lot of problems, you'd know if there was something wrong..my mum and dad have heart problems, it's not just symptoms now and again.

14-06-13, 23:36
Thanks that has helped a little i only get symptoms now and again, most time time i start to feel anxious strait after.