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15-06-13, 12:09
well I took the plunge this morning!! Have had these 25mg when needed for a month now and for some reason was scared to give them a go, but anxiety and panic has been increasing daily to what inexperienced today that I thought what the hell have I got to loose.
My husband was away on a lads night out last night and the last thing he said to me as he left was I will take you out for tea tomorrow, shock horror!!, I was ok yesterday evening went to bed and slept well till I woke at 8am I have never had anxiety at this level before I was manic with racing thoughts because I had got to go out tried to talk myself down but got more and more hysterical after an hour I was completely beside myself so took 50mg within 30mins I had calmed down. I feel wiped out but am calm now.
It was very scary I have never had anxiety at this level before, I am going to give them ago daily as was suggested by GP and see how it goes.
How envious I am of others who lead a normal fear free life.

16-06-13, 10:34

hope today is a better day for you.

I've been taking Quetiapine for a bit over a year now and it has helped enormously with my anxiety. I was in a state, I started on 25mg and had to get up to 100mg for a real effect. It helped me to sleep too but I needed a lot of sleep, and I had some odd effects a night. For me 100mg was the maximum I wanted to take, although the psych nurse I was seeing said up to 150mg would be ok. I don't feel knocked out during the day fortunately, I take it at night.

Recently, I decided I was just spending too long asleep and reduced to 75mg. Anxiety has gone up a bit, but if I'm feeling bad at work I take 25mg and as you found, I calm down quickly and can work.

I do hope you find Quetiapine helpful. Anxiety is horrid!!

16-06-13, 10:44
Hi thanks for your comments today has been even worse I have never experienced anxiety at this level before so am really scared, I have even been contemplating whether to ring the mental health crisis team as I feel totally out of control.

16-06-13, 10:58
I really feel for you. I have had those times of complete hysteria and being out of control and it is very scary indeed.

I hope you get some help if you do phone.