View Full Version : Hello there! Pregnant with severe health anxiety !!

Fred Speed
18-06-13, 14:23
Hi everyone,

I'm about 6.5 weeks pregnant.

I was on 100mg sertraline until 2 weeks ago (when I found out) and then I had to stop them abruptly. Had some horrid side effects from the withdrawal but that's over now and I seem okay apart from the anxiety!

I am worried about the following:

1. I will miscarry
2. My pregnancy will be ectopic ( it's not - the doc confirmed this today)
3. I'll have my 12 week scan and there'll be nothing there.

I have even done anther test this morning to make sure I am still pregnant. I am funnily enough!

Anyway I thought it would be a good idea if anyone else who is at a similar stage of pregnancy could get in touch and we could all keep each other on an even keel??

Look forward to hearing from you :)

18-06-13, 23:25
Hi there, I'm 13 weeks but just wanted to say I had all those anxieties and then some more. I think they are all completely normal!
Keep in touch x

19-06-13, 12:05
Hi I'm 18-19 weeks and I've gone through all this - now my current fear is the baby not moving! GOSH constant anxiety and dread, it's awful.

All I can offer is support and I can seriously relate to this scary but beautiful time x

Fred Speed
19-06-13, 13:31
More crappy discharge today with a very small amount of blood - Although I did have to shove tissue up there to get it :wacko:

Just had a CBT session and she has told me I must stop checking and try and enjoy this time. Easier said than done!

19-06-13, 21:36
Fred speed, the brown d/c is really really common. Especially in early pregnancy. I had it at 5-6 weeks and then again recently. It's all part of the joys of pregnancy.