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06-10-06, 11:38

just wanted to let you know that i had my CBT assessment today. I was dreading it and was pretty close to cancelling it as i have had counselling before and i just found that really distressing. But, it was great, and i feel really positive now. The psychologist told me that it will all be about concentrating on how i feel now, and not dragging up the past etc. He said it will be very practical (which is great for me). I'm going to see him every 2 weeks, and he's going to give me tasks to work on to hopefully (eventually) sort out my health anxiety.

So, if anyone is currently waiting for CBT for health anxiety, just to let you know that my first experience has been very positive. If anyone is interested in finding out more about what we cover in the sessions, let me know, and i can post a bit more about it (as long as it's not too embarassing [:I])

mag xx

06-10-06, 11:49

I'm currently on the list, had a letter through the post today detailing that I'm on the list and as soon as their is a place I will be contacted.

I would like to know more if possible please?


Sue K with 5
06-10-06, 12:10
Oh Mags

Im so pleased for you honey !! at last some kind of light at the end of the tunnel for you.

Keep me informed as to how your doing and what your doing as well because my health anxiety has got so bad again lately




06-10-06, 14:14
Hi Mags,

i have myCBT assessment next month, so i would be interested in anymore info. I am hoping they won't just try and drag up past problems as well. I had something similar many moons ago and didn't find it helpful. However my gp has assured me its different now. I so hope they can stop me from being so aware of health and the constant checking.
Good luck,
anx x

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06-10-06, 16:37
HI MAGS,please add me to the list :D

06-10-06, 18:25
Nice one Mags.

Piglet xx

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06-10-06, 18:48

Glad it went ok for you.

x x

07-10-06, 09:41
hi, i will post some more when i've had my next session. For the moment, he's given me some stuff to read about health anxiety and i've got to choose a couple of things that we can work on next time. He said to choose something that gives me some anxiety, but not major anxiety. I'll have to have a think about what i want to do, but i'm thinking maybe something like looking at health articles in magazines, which is something i avoid doing at the moment.

I'm already thinking about what i might be able to do for things that make me more anxious - maybe looking at pictures of people who look really sick or something? I'm not sure how we will deal with my major problem which is finding symptoms in myself, but i guess we will deal with that later on.

Anyway, i'll let you know how i get on. I hope i have some positive news for people, but even if it is not, at least you might find out a bit about what to expect in your sessions.

thanks for your replies and support,

07-10-06, 10:34
I had my cbt assessment yesterday swo i shall keep people posted too!!!

09-10-06, 15:12
I am very interested in CBT - please post titles of any books or resources you are given or recommended. I think CBT can be helpful for lots of things, not just anxiety. I find it very interesting to read about how the mind works.

20-10-06, 11:11
hi guys, i thought i'd update you a bit on my next CBT session.

in all honesty, i dont really know what to think now. i dont feel like we really did that much, but i was there for nearly an hour so we must have done something!

My homework is to do a couple of the things that make me mildly anxious. So in the next couple of weeks i've got to buy a couple of magazines without scanning through first to check that there's no cancer stories. Also, when i read them, i would usually check the health pages first so nothing scary surprises me, so this time i have to just read it through normally.

My other bit of homework is to have a bath with no bubbles! ok, i know this sounds weird but i have big problems having a bath because i am really conscious of my body and i can't relax because i'm scared i will notice some new lump or mole or something. if the water is clear then obviously nothing is covered up, and this causes me anxiety so i guess this will test me a little bit. i always like to be covered up at night time so some symptom won't suddenly come to light in the middle of the night, but i'm a little bit reluctant to suggest sleeping in the nude to my psychologist, i dont want him to think i'm just a perv [:I] Needless to say, my husband is very encouraging in this particular approach to my anxiety :D[:I];)

i dont know if i've been a bit lame in the things i'm trying as they only cause me mild anxiety. The thing that causes me anxiety that is off the scale is getting a symptom, so i dont know if i will be able to really cover that in my sessions. Also, cos i'm still on my medication i'm not too anxious, which is another worry as how will i know if the CBT is having any effect when i'm not feeling too bad at the moment?

Something i think we will do in another session is planning for the future as i dont like to do this because i always think i will be ill or dead by then anyway. This causes a higher level of anxiety for me, so i think we will do this a bit later on.

We didn't really go through what thoughts i should be replacing my negative ones with, it was more about just seeing how anxious certain things make me. Does anyone know if this is normal for CBT? I thought he would give me some new strategies or ways of thinking but we havent really done that - maybe that comes later.

anyway, i will stop whittering on now, if you want to ask any questions about my CBT sessions, feel free to ask away!

hope this doesnt make me sound like too much of a nutter ;)[:I][:I]


20-10-06, 11:25
HOw long did it take for you to get your referral for the CBT.
I am about to start a computer based CBT programme at my docs.

I have health anxiety which causes so many symptoms, typically heavy head and eye, dizzynees and head pains.

My recent scare at mo is tumor and mouth cancer!!!!

My husband gets so annoyed with the daily illnesses and at my work they give me medical wednesdays, to moan about my ailments. seems funny at times, but it hsrd to explain how consuming the thoughts are!!!

Hay x

20-10-06, 11:41
hi hayles, unfortunately the waiting list is quite long. i waited about 8 months, to be honest the long wait was the reason i went back on my medication, i didnt think i would be able to cope that long without any help. I did have the mental health nurse come round to see me though in the meantime, although in all honesty i dont think that really helped much. You can go private and get CBT straight away, but obviously thats expensive.


20-10-06, 11:51
Thanks Mag

Hay x

20-10-06, 12:33
Hey all,

First off, well done strawberrie! :D

Can I suggest for those people who aren't yet in counselling to check through their work places to see if they can get any sort of help? Try HR or Occupational Health. You might be suprised how quickly you can get seen with out NHS waiting lists or have the cost of going private.... ;)

Mo x

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