View Full Version : No appetite!

24-06-13, 15:34
I have been started on 60mg Duloxetine and I have absoloutely no appetite! I suffer with hideous anxiety and comes with that is vomiting, nausea and no appetite but I have never been like this before!

I was wondering if anybody has had the same problem and I was also wondering what or if there is anything you could recommend me to boost my appetite? I smoke a little bit of weed to do the above but it is having no effect on my appetite. Please help as I am losing a lot of weight and I'm a tiny person as it is!

Please do not judge me or lecture me on the pot smoking, I was hoping to regain my appetite.

Thanks! xx

04-07-13, 23:40
No lectures, and welcome to the forum :)

As I'm overweight, I welcomed the initial lack of appetite, but it lasted about 7-10 days then came back with a vengeance.

So if you ride it out for a while I'm sure your appetite will return.