View Full Version : side effects from sertraline need help

07-10-06, 18:49
i have been on sertraline for nearly 3 weeks now and the past week i feel terrible i feel depressed ive cried ive been angry has anybody else suffered from this please let me know xx

mrs m bevis

07-10-06, 19:03
Hello Marilyn

Yes I was on Sertraline for 3 years, and the first week of taking them I wondered if I had done the right thing. I felt very sick and light headed. The doctor told me to persevere with them, and after that things did get better. Have you spoken to you doctor and told him/her how you are?
I am sure it would put your mind at rest. I am off meds now, but still carry Rescue Remedy Spray with me sometimes.

Hope things start to improve.
Best Wishes
Jenny xxxxxxx

07-10-06, 20:55
thanks for the reply jenny did you take your sertraline mornings or night times

mrs m bevis

08-10-06, 13:47

I was on sertraline for about 2 months and I found that it made me angry etc. aswell, I came off them because they didn't agree with me but I am sure as Jenny said if you give them time they should work if not then go back to your doctor and they can prescribe you something else.

x x

09-10-06, 21:18
Hi Marilyn

I always took the Sertaline first thing in the morning. Hope you are begining to feel better.

Jenny xxxxxxxxxxx