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01-07-13, 23:18
I recently started taking Buspirone and was curious about anyone else's experiences with it?

02-07-13, 21:55
I am on it too and have been for about 4 weeks (3x5mg/day). It makes me feel calmer compared to how I did feel, but unless I am having a good day it is hard to see that. Would like to say it is wonderful but atm am reserving judgement. My GP seems to think it is helping though.
Good luck x

04-07-13, 21:46
Never heard of it...is it available in the UK??? would be interested to know

Thanks Sarah

05-07-13, 01:43
Yes, it is, but doctors don't seem to like prescribing it. It seems like if you have GAD then you usually get an SSRI/SNRI, and if they don't work then pregabalin seems to be the next choice.

Buspirone seems to be an effective alternative to diazepam and the like, though I've not taken it myself.