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04-07-13, 00:33
hi everyone, i'm 37 weeks pregnant and terrified about going into labour and i feel very on edge knowing it could happen any day how do you deal with this anxiety? i also have other stresses going on such as having just moved in with my boyfriend, the trouble is im from swindon and i have moved to bristol where my boyfriend lives and its a 45 min drive from my home in swindon. so i'm worried about where i'm going to go into labour as i want to give birth in swindon as i would like my mum there as my boyfriend isn't very sympathetic but my boyfriend is constantly being funny with me saying i'm not allowed back to swindon and he doesn't want my mum there and i do understand as its his baby as well but its me going through it so should i do it how i want? or should i do what he wants? it's a really tough situation but i've moved towns and i'm heavily pregnant and i have to argue with my boyfriend everytime i go back to my mums. i just feel so stressed.

Any advice?

Please reply
Love Louise XXX

04-07-13, 00:41
Hi, stop and breathe... this is a really stressful time even without all the conflict.

Can your mum come to you?

Do you have the kind of relationship where your boyfriend tends to tell you what you can and can't do, or is this a one-off? He might be quite stressed too I guess. If he is stopping you doing what you want to do, that isn't very helpful. But you don;t *have to* argue with him, just say very calmly that you are going and when you will be back, and ignore his attempts to start a row.

Do you have any friends nearby who can give you a bit of support, time out for a cuppa, that kind of thing?

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As for the labour, I just kept reminding myself that women have been giving birth for centuries, well before there were hospitals, and the species has survived... you will be fine. honestly. x