View Full Version : 10 weeks pregnant symptoms went at 9 weeks

04-07-13, 19:11
I am really worried today. Last week my breast tenderness and sickness reduced alot and i'm worrying that something might be wrong. I have read mixed things online which i know is a big no no as makes you even more scared. My breasts have started getting sore today again but nothing like they were before and the nausea is still there but hardly noticable. Can anyone help me plz?

04-07-13, 20:22
Hi :-)
You sound just like how I was the symptoms can come and go I remember thinking omg I have no symptoms again and getting into a huge panic. Im sure your baby is fine, try and relax and please try not to google too much. Just call your gp or midwife if your concerned. I spent my whole pregnancy googling eeverything. And was hit hard with pnd/anxiety, if you feel you are getting to anxious now get help from your gp/midwife I didnt get any myself and realy regretted it xx

04-07-13, 20:56
My breast symptoms came and went all pregnancy, the vomiting lasted months; I wouldn't complain if it's died down!! :ohmy: Really, don't worry - it is all fine I'm sure. When you feel worried, instead of sending adrenaline round yours and Baby's system, sing a nursery rhyme to him or her. x