View Full Version : Pregabalin with Piriton?????

04-07-13, 21:27
I stupidly took a Piriton for hayfever snuffles this evening......can these interact badly with pregabalin?????Help quick replies needed....anxious:scared15:

04-07-13, 21:47
It may increase drowsiness or dizziness but no they won't interact badly

04-07-13, 21:57
Thanks for your reply x

04-07-13, 22:03
I got bitten badly last year and my knee doubled in size. Doc prescribed antibiotics and told me to get full strength Piriton and take 2 straight away. I asked was it ok with my anti d's and diazepam - he said yes, you need it, that's a bad bite.

I was so worried about taking the 2, so I only took one...all I can say is that I had a lovely calm 'high' and it did help my leg!! You will be fine, like Annie says maybe just a little drowsy or whoosh headed....enjoy it...I did !!

I hope you feel better soon. Kitti :)

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Oh...you can get the non-drowsy Piriton too if you are worried ;)