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28-06-04, 01:11
Hiya All

As most of you know I am a complete muppet about driving too far from my house on my own.

Im researching my family tree at the moment and to get more info I need to go to the family records centre in the middle of London!!!

So heres me thinking 'how the heck am I going to manage that????? - I dont drive far, dont do trains and its in the middle of the congestion charge zone!!!)
I phoned my mum and she said she would take me one day soon..ok I say and immediately start getting aggitated because I like to know where I am going before I go...(escape routes etc..im sure you know the score!!)
Well, Thursday night my hubby was down the pub watching the footie and I was BORED out of my mind.
So before I knew it, I had downloaded directions off the internet and was in my car on my way to London.
Not only did I get there with no problem at all, I had so much fun and felt so damn good that I drove out of London towards Kent and came home the LONG way round.
I was out for about 2 hours, driving solo, in traffic, going further than ive been in 2 years and I havent felt so normal in a long time!!!
Dont ask me how I did it or how come I didnt panic cos I dont know..I jut took Megs Mantra on board and JFDI...lol
Ok so I live in Surrey and Central London is only about 14 miles away but its busy and there is loads of traffic and I think my round trip was about 60 miles. Im so dead pleased with myself I had to show off and tell you all.
This week im going to try to get to the South Coast on a MOTORWAY (aarrggghhh...lol)
loads a love

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

28-06-04, 01:45
well done sarah, take care andrew

28-06-04, 15:44

Very well done Sarah..

What great strides ..again



28-06-04, 17:02
Great news Sarah

I remember driving once and like you thought "oh this isn't so bad after all". It does get easier with time so keep practising ok?

Well done you though



28-06-04, 20:04
Hi Sarah

Well done mate. You should be really pleased with yourself. You even did it without getting anxious. You do feel so much better when you have achieved something dont you. Good on you

Love Sal xxxxxx[^]

28-06-04, 23:49
Well done Mate !

I'm so proud of you.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx
With hard work and determination and all the things you know.
The world is there for you to take. There's nowhere you can't go.

[:p]Scatty Eccentric & 'Poet Laureate to panic and anxiety'

29-06-04, 15:47
Thanks Guys

its you lot that give me the inspiration to go do it so THANKYOU ALL for reading my posts and giving me the confidence to try.

Well Ive got another bit to add today... Fueled by the panic instilled in me by aggreeing to meet everyone at Nic's in August I need to drive on motorways to get there (M25 and A1).
Today I managed a 40 mile round trip down the A3, along the M25 a bit and back home again via B&Q...lol :D

Bit more practice and I will definately be there Nic!!!!!

Take care
Love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

29-06-04, 16:03

If you can do the M25 you are doing great - the A1 is ok and usually quiet.

I will push you into doing it so you can come and see me [:P]

Keep doing a bit each day but if you do get panciky (I still do sometimes) then don't let it dishearten you and go back the next day and do the same bit again.

I hope you can afford all this petrol[^]

Well done for today



29-06-04, 18:11

I hope you're journalling all these wonderful achievements so you can look back and enjoy your brilliant progress.

I think the time has definately come to change the occupation on your profile ...lol

Well done . Brilliant progress and attitiude


30-06-04, 17:32
Thats Fab news sarah well done you! Good luck with the south coast to!

Take care

Love pip's XX

06-07-04, 12:41
Well done Sarah

You are doing great!!!


07-07-04, 20:16
Congratulations Sarah you've done brilliant there girl [^]

Maybe next time you have to drive somewhere a bit further afield you'll remember how well you did last time??

Well done you

Love Jo xx

08-07-04, 09:59
Well done Sarah !


Take care chuck

Elaine :D

08-07-04, 10:55
Hiya Guys

THANKYOU for your encouragement. It means a lot to me :)

Dont worry im keeping a log of all that ive been doing so if I have a doubting moment (as we all do) I can look back and give myself a kick up the butt...lol

love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)