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09-07-13, 13:08
I should be 11 weeks just now and 2 weeks ago my symptoms disappeared. I had breast tenderness and slight nausea but now i feel great. I'm terrified that i've had a missed miscarriage. My scan is a week today but i'm so scared i'll go and my baby wont have a heartbeat. Has this happened to anyone and baby has been fine? X

09-07-13, 14:36
Hi lyn firstly :hugs:

Ahhh bless you Hun , I know this post is about you but, if you look at this pregnancy forum you will see 2 or 3 of my threads about miscarriage and about being unbelievably petrified this time last wk about having my 20 week scan.
My worry was off the scale both at my 12-14wk and then again last Wednesday, when I returned for the anomaly scan because I DID actually very nearly - loose my baby (read thread 4 info I hate to go on about it, it scares me to death ) & that's what my recent first thread on this part of the forum is about. Words fail me to tell you how scared I've been since I found out I was pregnant this March!

I think as your approaching the second trimester , your symptoms are lessening and your getting over the hurrendous first stage.

Have you got any reason to suspect a missed, miscarriage, other than loss of symptoms ?? If u don't think I'm being to nosy. Other wise looking at my recent experience, I can honestly say I'm sure you'll be fine, honestly. I was in a right state at my first scan and I went on my own, I was mute, I was exhausted when I got home because of the amount of energy it took me to be brave and maintain composure.

Honestly Hun, I know it's hard but go for it and I'm sure like the majority of pregnancies you'll be absolutly fine - apparently to my disbelief - mine is XXX

09-07-13, 16:11
Hi :)

I used to soo worried when I hadnt even felt by baby move in a couple of hours (I know you might be abit soon on to feel that). But I know how you must feel.
Im sure symptoms can ease off abit though. You should phone your midwife or your hospital to be put through to midwifes department and speak to one of them.
If they think you or your baby is in any danger they will ask you to come in. (Will maybe be a long wait so take things with you). Also you could phone Nhs 24 and explain your worries. Its a long time for you to wait for your next scan and you dont want addes stress to your baby.
In sure miscarriages would cause you to bleed? Extreme pain? Etc.
Get yourself checked out for peace of mind :)

Hope everything works out for you.
Is this your first baby?


09-07-13, 16:28
You are at the stage of pregnancy where the placenta is preparing to take over and symptoms begin to diminish (if you're lucky to be normal, some of us vomit happily til month 7 or more! :ohmy: ). It is perfectly normal to begin to feel better - not 'less pregnant' - just better. Send happy thoughts to that baby and happy hormones around both your bloodstreams.