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11-10-06, 13:28
Hello :)

A few months ago I had a 24 hour heart monitor test done - the results came back normal, and I was considerably relieved. Until today. When I remembered that I was on 80mg propranolol Beta Blockers at the time of the test - I'm not now. What if the Beta Blockers actually masked problems on the recording? Is this possible? Don't really want to phone my Dr, I'm just beginning to convince him I'm not paranoid, lol. [:X]

11-10-06, 17:41
Were the doctors aware of this when you did the heart monitor?

I am sure they would take that into consideration if that was the case.


11-10-06, 18:03
Yes, I wrote the medication that I was on in the diary thing that they give you to fill in when you have the tape. Which I completely forgot that I had done until you prompted me. Thank you!!!

11-10-06, 19:09
Good luck on your heart test. I am sure everything will turn out just fine. I am fairly new to the health anxiety and trying my best not to let it get a hold of me along w/all the other weird things I have. So, I can really empathize w/ how you are feeling. Try not to let it control us is the best we can hope for I guess.

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Take Care of You,


07-08-07, 22:06
im supposed to be getting a 24 hour tape done soon, if anything to put my mind at ease about my heart. the feelings i get range from slight tickling sensations in my heart to rapid ectopics.

lets not worry about it, for now.