View Full Version : Vertigo?

14-07-13, 19:26
My Mum started on 30mg about a month ago and has just been upped to 60mg. She is not sleeping at night despite being exhausted, sweating a lot but the worst is the vertigo. Only started same time she moved upto 60mg so we are linking it with that. She's dizzy on standing, feels like she's on a moving ship. When her eyes are closed she feels like her head is moving. Is this normal? Anyone else had this?

14-07-13, 19:38
I've had that this week - week 4 of Prozac. I know it's a side effect, I was a bit thrown by it starting 3 weeks in but I suspect from what I've seen on here that it isn't unusual.

14-07-13, 20:40
Hi I had this which triggered this anxiety lark of, you sure it's not labyrinthitus? An inner war virus

15-07-13, 00:56
Yes it could be couldn't it. Also, there is at least one virus which does this to people - I have two friends who had it and it was very much as you describe. It's not serious in the sense of life-threatening, but it's quite disturbing to a normal life.