View Full Version : Getting appeal help when agoraphobic

23-07-13, 17:50
I was found unfit for work and put in the WRAG. This means that I will have to attend work-focused interviews even though the ATOS Dr clearly wrote on my medical report, in several places, that I cannot go far from my home and have social phobia.
I couldn't get through to CAB by phone so wrote to them briefly explaining the situation and asking for help. They put me in contact with a Welfare Benefit Caseworker who visited me at home yesterday. She says that all the evidence is on the report to prove that I should be in the Support Group and has taken charge of the appeal. I don't know how this will end up at this stage but I just wanted to let anyone else in a similar situation know that help is available even if you are unable to get to a local CAB office because of agoraphobia.