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14-10-06, 11:20
I suffered form anxiety a few years back and after a huge battle with my GP I got referred to a psychologist who was brilliant and I was effectively cured for about 3 yrs. Last August it all came crashing back down and I ended up on Citalopram for a few months and my GP referred me back to the psychologist. She unfortunately had left by this time so I am seeing another one. I have been going every 2-3 weeks since then and feel I am getting nowhere and my panic is just increasing in frequency and intensity.

The guy is lovely, I have no issue with him, but for some reason what we are doing just doesn't seem to be working and I feel worse now than 12 months ago. What can I do? Has anyone else found CBT useless?

Face, accept, float, let time pass

14-10-06, 11:41
YES! I also found CBT set me back rather than helped me. I had a massive panic attack at the hospital- where I used to go for weekly sessions- and still haven't got over it (it was about 3 months ago).:(

I found it was a lot of talking and not much over anything I could actually use to cope with attacks and general anxiety. I also found the people didn't really understand me- I wasn't treated as an individual and since I stopped going we have had letters basically saying it's my fault and there's nothing more they can do for me.

I stopped going and am currently waiting for my GP to refer me to the next stage (probably hypnotherapy- one the only things I haven't tried!)

PM me anytime, and let me know what happens.


14-10-06, 11:50
hi devon guy i have had cbt and it did nothing for me i felt that the woman didnt understand enough,she has in the passed looked up something ive asked in a book, which just made me know she didnt understand.try having a look at this someone has just posted about it .www.living life to the full.com/elearning/
tc tracy:)

14-10-06, 12:36

I have just found this CBT course run by the university I attend in conjunction with the Scottish Executive Health Department. The questionaires are the same as those used by my CPN. I have just completed module 1 and it seems good.