View Full Version : Nortriptyline for sleep

25-07-13, 20:02
I take citalopram but wa given nortriptyline a few weeks ago to help me sleep. The GP suggested I take one 10mg tablet each night but increase it if I needed to. It worked okay for a little while which was the intention - get some sleep and hopefully I wouldn't need to change my main med which has worked so well for me. I stopped using the nortriptyline as I was finally well rested but some new stressors have appeared in my life and I'm trying it again. It's not working though! Previously I'd read a book for awhile, feel drowsy and then fall asleep for the whole night. Now I'm not getting drowsy and when I do sleep I wake constantly. Do I need to take more or give up and get something else?

25-07-13, 22:42
How long have you been back on it? It can take a couple of weeks to start working properly. If the dr said you could increase it, then it wouldn't hurt to try and see how you feel. Might be best to check with your GP.

25-07-13, 23:22
I am an insomnia expert :yesyes:
I never heard the medicine you mentioned.
From my experience though most of the sleeping aids stop working after some time. I would increase it if I were you. If it doesn`t work then you definitely have to talk to your doctor, I know very well how frustrating and tiring sleepless nights can be.

Best of luck!