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27-07-13, 17:02

When having my MRI scan on my abdomen, I found that if I felt a little freaked out by the smallness of the machine, i could tilt my head back and see out the other end/ see the wall a few yards behind me, so I knew I wasnt really enclosed :)

MRI's are fine, easy peasy, just lie back and relax :yesyes: close your eyes if the tight space scares you and think of England :whistles:


27-07-13, 17:52
That wouldn't work for me lol

Granny Primark
27-07-13, 19:08
When I had mine I was in an amateur dance show raising money for children in need. I memorised my dance steps while in there. I cant say I did brill but im certain it helped me. LOL And my goodness I needed that help.
The show was called Beyond Reality. And my goodness it was Beyond Reality with me in it.:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: