View Full Version : Clomipramine? Weird that I like the side effects??

30-07-13, 08:32
Hello All
Anyone else on Clomipramine? I've only just started it for anxiety and OCD, I also self harm in the way of hair pulling, particularly eyelash / eyebrow but pull anywhere on body.
I'm currently on 25mg, to increase every 2 weeks until 150mg.

Right - so my question is about the side effects. I actually LIKE them. Is that really weird? It feels a bit wrong to like them so much.

My appetite has really decreased, have lost half stone in the first week.
Bit nauseas, like morning sickness.
I still feel anxious, actually possibly more anxious and paranoid, but I also feel like I'm buzzing? Heart feels racy. Bit shaky/twitchy.
My sleep is pretty disturbed, 4 hrs a night with a waking period in between.

Has anyone else enjoyed side effects or am I officially mental lol :)

Thanks in advance for any replies. I know Clomipramine isn't the most popular AD so not many peeps on it.


PS I will add that since starting the tabs, my hair pulling has decreased amazingly. Like totally amazingly, the best its been in 30years.

30-07-13, 21:20
i would say at least the side effects are not getting you down that has to be a positive thing, glad things are looking up blessings

26-07-14, 19:42
Just started this on the 23rd....

Have the same side effects and I too are "enjoying" them....

I was on mirt and it's so sedating I just slept all day and put loads of weight on....

So glad to hear your hair pulling has stopped considerably xxxx