View Full Version : Endoscopy Friday who's had one did you have sedation I'm scared ?

30-07-13, 18:44
Title says it all I'm worried as I had a dream I died having it so I'm working myself up x

30-07-13, 18:45

I will move this to the Endoscopy forum for you and maybe you could have a read of the posts in there too

30-07-13, 18:54
I had an endoscopy without sedation. I had the canula put in at the start of the procedure in case I needed to be sedated but managed it without. Firstly they spray your throat with a spray that tastes a bit like bananas and then just put the scope down, it is a slightly weird feeling and a little bit uncomfortable but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, I even watched the last bit on the screen when I felt brave enough. Please try not to worry too much you can change your mind about sedation or not just before the procedure.

30-07-13, 19:50
Same for me. Just had the spray. It's uncomfortable but not painful. The doctors are very used to people being anxious about this and I found them very calming. I also watched on the screen - fascinating! The doctor then sat down and showed me all the pictures and what they were looking for. I had a small ulcer and a course of PPI for a month cleared it up. I heard some real horror stories from people about this but I found it nowhere near as bad as was made out. If I ever had to have another I would be ok about it.

30-07-13, 20:48
I had one with sedation and can't remember anything except being told to swallow :)

NE21 worrier
30-07-13, 22:12
Yes, I've had an endoscopy with sedation in March 2012. It found a hiatal hernia down there which explains why I get acid reflux (GERD), particularly when I am anxious, but there was nothing life-threatening.

The procedure itself is not the nicest, I must admit, as there is obviously a natural urge to gag if something is going down your throat. But the doctor will encourage you to swallow and the sedation helps wonderfully.

You can look away when it is administered shortly beforehand and it knocks you out so much that I thought the procedure had been done in about 30 seconds flat. Very strange but strangely enjoyable. If you can, make sure you have someone to assist you home.


30-07-13, 22:57
I had one without sedation, they just used the numbing spray. My experience wasnt great because my gag reflex is bad. I am booked in for another and will be going for sedation next time. I know a few people who have had one with just the spray and they were fine so I guess its different for different people. Its usually pretty quick and nothing to worry about in general, just relax as much as you can, deep breaths and that will make it a lot easier for you.

30-07-13, 23:06
I had it without sedation and it was all over really quickly. Not a big deal at all - I was surprised at how easy it was!