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31-07-13, 22:54
I was watching a t.v program when they showed someone with motor neurone disease. I have been much better with my HA recently but I made the fatal mistake of googling it to find out more. I am now panicking myself to death that I have it because I get loads of muscle twitches etc. I am only 18 and it usually effects those who are older, but still I am fixated on it. Also apparently there is no cure, a HA Nightmare. Is it likely I have it??

31-07-13, 22:59
Hi, it is very very very very unlikely.

OK, first the Death thing: My Dad had MND. And it was not the awful death we were told it might be. Bearing in mind we all have to go of something, he had a very peaceful death indeed which in fact cured me of my fear of dying.

Secondly, it is incredibly unlikely to be MND at your age. It's not a common illness in any case. And there are so many other things it could be, from fatigue/anxiety right through to boring things like mild vitamin deficiencies. Of course I am very aware of MND symptoms and it is a fear I occasionally get myself, especially those muscle twitches. But they are always when I am very stressed and tired. I shan't describe them and feed your anxiety but please be assured that the muscle twitches with MND are NOT like the ones which happen maybe for an evening, and get worse as you focus on them.

I'd say it is 99.9% likely to be stress and anxiety - but I'm not a doctor. Go and talk to your GP. x

31-07-13, 23:07
Thank you so much, I am so sorry to here about your dad. I should stop always thinking the worst. I have been to my GP about 100 times for various illnesses, each time sent away with an anxiety diagnoses.

31-07-13, 23:13
Well I reckon that is probably your answer. I'm not making light of it, it is a terrifying thought isn't it. Dad died 18 years ago so I am fine about it now. Thanks! :)

31-07-13, 23:28
I have a friend who has MND. She was diagnosed at 27 which is INCREDIBLY unusual as it generally affects older people. One thing I do know about this disease is that it has very noticeable symptoms that progress very quickly. If you had it, you would know that something was very wrong. Your symptoms are almost certainly down to anxiety.

01-08-13, 12:14
I'll quote my doctor because that's what I do now :winks: "MND is very rare and in 30 years I have never had a patient present with it."

I have gone through the fear of MND myself. For some reason people with HA often fear that they have MND, MS or a brain tumour. I wonder why?

01-08-13, 18:09
Having got a distinction for my neurology (sorry just bragging ;)) I'm going to just tell you that the chances of your symptoms being due to having MND are roughly 0%.