View Full Version : Me Duelling Banjos with myself on Guitar

06-08-13, 20:06

I hope you like it. :blush:

06-08-13, 20:08
That is very good Chris :)

06-08-13, 20:09
Thanks Annie. It's a fun little tune to play!

06-08-13, 20:16
Nice guitar Chris, lovely technique. Hope you're ticking along well!
I'm after a new 12 string myself, but three sales have fallen through.

06-08-13, 21:37
Hi Pancho,

Bumbling along as usual.

12 string guitars sound nice. I've never owned one but I have played one in the past. I'm usually too busy on the nylon string cuenca guitar as seen in the clip. It's a lovely tone and the action is high enough to enhance the resonance. It does mean that the fretting technique has to be more perpendicular but that's ok.

How you doing?

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By the way, thanks for adding the link to your signature!

06-08-13, 21:44
I'm proud to wear those links like military badges :D

I'm well thank you, haven't seen a good juicy panic in a long time, kind of miss them! Yeah I love my 12 string, can't play 6 strings anymore they hurt my pinky. Doesn't like changes in weather though so it's been a bit unhappy recently, undulating action, slippy pegs. Want a strong vintage tank like an Eko to last me a few years. Wish I could play classicly like you, considering you have a higher action as well, impressive! Someone left a comment on your video ;)

06-08-13, 22:22
Thanks for the kind comment Pancho!

Much appreciated.

Here's a composition for two guitars written in 4/4 time over 3/4 time ... Hope you like it.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/affyx1xslycoask/Lullaby%20in%20Cardiff%20Rain.wav?token_hash=AAG4c x595MyBgfhXp813rwN2qJZBvWPWO1zSV6CymWGAxA&dl=1

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It's just audio this time.

06-08-13, 23:26
Very nice! Careful, you might make the rain feel too welcome! Was that done on sibelius by any chance?

06-08-13, 23:32
Notation for that one. A few pounds for the app. It has its limits, but it's great for jotting down an idea or two.

06-08-13, 23:34
That is really lovely Chris, I really enjoyed listening to it and watching you play :)

06-08-13, 23:36
Thank you. You are very kind.