View Full Version : Neaurology appointment tomorrow

06-08-13, 21:34
Hi all my appointment is finally here well tomorrow anyway I want to know what the first appointment is like I've been referred because of sleep disturbances so what kind of tests will they do etc I'm really scared I don't know what to expect thanks any advice would be greatful. Sarah Lou x:weep:

07-08-13, 09:32
i am not sure about the test etc but i wanted to say good luck with it hope it goes well blessings

10-08-13, 23:18
Hi Sarahlou,

My situation is slightly different but happy to chat with you any time. I've had an MRI and CT scan so far and blood work etc but I'm happy to chat anytime just email me on here or post. Hope everything is going ok for you.

Xx Daisy