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09-08-13, 20:34
I too want to get pregnant but so scared about taking my meds while being pregnant. I have always told myself I will get off of them when I do.

I have health anxiety and it scares me to death! The feeling of I'm going to fall over and die!

I got pregnant in Dec. and had a misscarriage only after 7 weeks. Since then my anxiety has been worse. And since then it has turned into health anxiety.

I want to get pregnant so bad and I am married now for two years and it is time, I am not getting any younger. 36 now.

Hopefully some of you can shed some light oh this subject. Anyone else going thru the same thing?

10-08-13, 21:47
Hi there,
I'm sorry about your loss. No wonder you feel fragile after that.
My advice would be to read 'pregnant on Prozac' it's a brilliant book that helps you weigh up the pros and cons of taking medication during pregnancy.
I started CBT whilst trying for a baby. It has really helped prepare me and develop coping skills.
I was very anxious about getting pregnant due to anxiety, OCD and panic. I so wanted a child with my husband that I just couldn't let it stop me. The anticipatory anxiety was much worse. I have been remarkably ok so far. The odd wobble and worry but nothing unmanageable.
Good luck :)

11-08-13, 20:25
Thank you so much for the advice and reply Starlight. I will look into getting the book. I wish I could try CBT but afraid my insurance wouldnt cover it. I havent checked into it yet. I feel the same way, I want a child with my husband too, and can not let this stop me! I have thought of maybe not having a child because of the HA but then I think this is something I have always wanted (to be a mother). Did you get pregnant? Do you have children now?

12-08-13, 20:20
Hi there, yes I'm 21 weeks at the moment. Strangely my anxiety has lessened since about 10 weeks of pregnancy. Weeks 7-9 were pretty difficult with feeling sick and low, but since then I have been pretty good. I've had wobbles, but its shown me how strong I am. Knowing I can't grab for a diazepam has made me realise I can cope by myself.

A big trigger for my panic attacks has always been getting caught in traffic. That happened to me a week ago and I coped! I didn't have a full blown panic and I was so happy :)

It's strange but you're whole focus switches to something/someone else and I think that's helped me a lot :)

Please don't let it stop you x

14-08-13, 01:36
So happy for you........I drive 30 minutes to work and I get nervous driving to work. Afraid I'm going to get into an accident or pass out. Hope things go well for you, good luck.

19-08-13, 02:17

Just wanted to say we are also trying for a baby, & I have similar worries about coping with anxiety.