View Full Version : Goodbye Duloxetine (at least for now anyway).

09-08-13, 20:57
Well, that's it I have retired from Duloxetine, and all anti depressant meds for a while.
I had a dr's appointment today and he agreed that because I've tried quite a few meds over the last 3-4 years it'd be a good idea to have a break because I really wasn't getting anywhere with them.
He gave me 10mgs of Propranolol to take 2-3 a day or as I need them because my anxiety is nearly always bad in the mornings, and I can tell after about half an hour of getting up if its going to be a bad day. I'm slightly stressed over these new meds, my heart rate and blood pressure is low anyway, I'm scared the meds will lower it to the point where I pass out or have to be hospitalised.
I'm to keep my supply of Reboxetine, just in case I have to go back on them at a later date.
So, that's it then. Now all I have to do is take each day as it comes, avoid getting stressed (not easy because I have an elderly neighbour who seems to think I'm on call for her at all hours) and try not to let the withdrawals get the better of me.
Thanks Mark and everyone else who replied to my posts and advised me during my time on Duloxetine.
Take care.

13-08-13, 23:53
Hope you're still going to be around on these forums Lynn.

Sorry the drug route didn't work out for you, but propranolol did me proud for a few years after my initial GAD diagnosis in 1989 so I hope they work well for you too.


14-08-13, 15:31
I'm not leaving the forums, just the Duloxetine board. I think I'm going to need the forums a lot in the next few weeks, I'm struggling with the withdrawals.

I've not taken a propranolol yet mainly because I'm too scared! My blood pressure and pulse are low anyway, and I'm scared they would get lower and I'll pass out or something! But, I nearly took one the other night as my cat has gone missing and I got myself in a state thinking about all the bad things that could happen to her.

I feel as if I'm inbetween a rock and hard place:wacko:

Thanks for replying.
Take care.